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Where the Story Begins

Everything is energy. All energy vibrates at its unique frequency. Raise your vibrational frequency for a happier and healthier life!

 In a world where there is so much disharmony; it is easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity that seems to be so abundant. Many people grew up in environments that hindered proper growth and well being. So many children endured abuse of all kinds, abandonment, neglect and poverty to name a few. These conditions and experiences caused trauma and left life long scars. In most cases these unhealed traumas have wreaked havoc in the physical and mental body but most importantly, in the energetic body. These trauma's are the root of all further relationship issues; including the relationship you have with yourself. 

Growing up I was often told I was too "sensitive."  I have always felt things at their deepest level, both good and bad. I literally feel what other people are feeling. These deep feelings proved problematic as I did not know how to deal with them properly; nor did I understand where they came from and why I was experiencing them. Over time, I developed anxiety resulting in severe panic attacks. My  world quickly became very small as all I felt was fear.  Traditional therapy did very little and medications only masked the problem. I did not realize my spirit was oppressed and I was suffering from a personal imprisonment as a result of several major childhood traumas. Ultimately my life experiences (my traumas) led my energy to become toxic and I was stuck in the cycle of emotional attachment. 

Just when I surrendered to believing I needed to be "fixed"; I found the answers that allowed me to heal from the trauma's I endured. This discovery is where my journey took an amazing turn; and my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined. Since then, I have set out to help others who are like me; people often labeled as Empaths or Highly Sensitive. I now understand that even though I am different; being sensitive should never be a hardship but rather a result or conditioning of the trauma's. Being a HSP can feel overwhelming because we literally feel our way through life and its not always easy to know where our energy stops and another's begin.  There are many tools and techniques that steer one away from the struggle and pain and into a more peaceful, centered life. Through my struggles, I learned that I am intuitive which allows me to  "know" things. This is helpful during my Reiki sessions as it allows for greater healing and growth for the client as it gives me an insight to where someone's energy is stuck. It is a great starting point in the journey of healing for the client.

I earned a PhD in Philosophy and also a Ministry ordination.  I provide Self Mastery Counseling which focuses on the client becoming the best version of themselves, addressing every aspect of who they are. My focus is on trauma healing as it is the main cause for everyone's current life issues. We are all energetic beings and healing oneself in the most powerful way needs to start in the most fundamental place which is the energetic body.

I am certified as a Usui Reiki Master, a Karuna Ki Reiki Master and a certified Chakra Healing Practitioner. Sound is another very important aspect to energy healing as sound waves vibrate at different frequencies affecting the energy of everything the waves come in contact with. I studied sound vibrational therapy and became a certified Tuning Fork Therapist.  

I believe the body thrives best when treated as a whole unit; combining the mind, body and spirit/soul. I also believe we are spirits having a human experience, which leaves us always balancing the dichotomy of both.

If you feel that you too may be a Highly sensitive person, it is important to get the proper guidance which will help you better understand and utilize the gift you have been given. Please refer to the HSP trait checklist in the "forms section" to learn more about what you may be experiencing.

Everyone deserves to live their most authentic life filled with health, happiness, and success. No one needs to nor should live in a state of suffering. I look forward to sharing with you all of the tools, skills, and healing to create the changes desired in your life.

"All answers are found in the awakening of your soul; as the perfected expression of who you are already exists within"

                                                                      ~Jacquelyn Ramo

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